While hearing aids are designed to be durable and effective, like all things, they begin to wear down over time. Let our experienced technicians maintain or repair your listening device so that it is functioning in optimum condition. If it’s time for a new device, we are glad to show you a new one.

holding a hearing aid

Fremont Hearing Health Care Center offers full service repairs and maintenance for your hearing devices. From minor fixes to major overhauls, count on our professional technicians to make the repairs you need. We service all makes and models! We’re your complete source for hearing repair and maintenance.
Has your hearing aid lost its effectiveness?

Common causes for hearing aid problems include:

• Exposure to water or humidity

• Extreme weather

• Dust

• Physical damage

• Ear Wax

If your hearing aid is damaged beyond repair, it may be time to upgrade your device. Get a great deal on a new NuEar hearing aid when you schedule an appointment with our office. We’ll provide you with a FREE hearing assessment and guide you to choose the right new device.