One of the most reputable manufacturers of hearing aids, Fremont Hearing Health Care Center proudly offers NuEar hearing devices at a variety of styles and levels of technology to suit your lifestyle and budget. Additionally, we also offer service and repairs for all makes and models of NuEar devices.
Modern technology has allowed us the ability make great advancements in the field of hearing aid design. Unlike the devices of the past, today’s hearing aids are small and made to be nearly undetectable when placed in the ear. Ask us how you can receive discrete hearing assistance without compromising audio quality. Hearing aids made to be undetectable.

We offer a variety of hearing aid styles:

• Behind The Ear Hearing Aids (BTE)

• Completely In Canal Hearing Aids (CIC)

• Receiver In The Canal (RIC)

• In The Canal Hearing Aids (ITC)

• In The Ear Hearing Aids (ITE)


When you receive a FREE hearing examination from our office, you’re under no obligation to purchase a hearing device, if one is recommended. However, if you choose to buy with us, we’ll offer you a 60-day return policy with 100% money back guaranteed. With this great trial period, you’re under no risk. Most major insurance policies and plans are accepted. Call for specifics regarding your policy and plan.