Occuring when the inner ear doesn’t properly receive sound signals, conductive hearing loss involves a decreased ability to hear faint sounds. Most patients with this type of hearing loss have experienced an injury to the middle ear or ear canal.

hearing-1woman helping to put on hearing aid

While hearing aids can help this condition, the most effective treatment is surgical or medical correction. If you are experiencing sensorineural hearing loss, it’s due to the deterioration of the inner ear or the nerve pathway. Typically, the tiny hairs inside the cochlea, which carry sound, will become damaged. This type of hearing loss is most commonly caused by exposure to high volume sounds, ear trauma, infections, or aging.

The primary causes of hearing loss:

 • Birth defects or genetics

• Excessive, loud noise

• Infections

• Aging

• Injury to the head or ear

• Ototoxic reaction to drugs or cancer treament

Hearing loss misleads our brain with a loss of audibility and introduces distortion into the message that reaches the brain. Those with hearing loss find that they often feel as though they don’t understand a conversation, that they are ‘left in the dark’ or often misunderstand others. These issues can cause those with emerging hearing loss to feel isolated.